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June 27th - Ms. Leisure Time Contest

Ms. Leisure Time Contest Part II of the Ms. Leisure Time contest is here. If Part one was any indication of what lies ahead then look out. Simply put you can't miss this night if your part of this club.

I'll use this analogy to describe this night, your favorite song comes on while driving... you have to turn it up. It brings you to a different place. By the end, your'e mood has changed and your'e in a different frame of mind.

Now picture coming to your club, your sanctuary for all things possible, a judgement free zone, a comfort level much like you Living room upon entering LT's puts you in the right frame of mind need we say more...

You enter a contest that's fun and extremely stimulating, upside you become the queen of LT's with perks and access no one else has, on top of that you win a trip to HEDONISM II a beautiful exotic location perfect weather amenities and couples to die for.

Downside none really, everyone just saw the real you, and can't wait to meet you. Isn't that what it's all about.

You can Enter the contest once you arrive on June 27th or maybe be picked as a judge. Make this night a statement of who you are and that you have arrived.

We want to thank our good friends from HEDONISM II for sponsoring this exciting event. HEDONISM II is in a class all their own. Ask anyone HEDONISM II is the only Alternative Lifestyle Resort they visit and for a good reason. If your looking for young, hot, approachable lifestylers then this is the place. Check out their website and see what you've been missing.

Hedonism II Resort and Diving Reservations


Latest Leisure Time Reviews

Thank you for all your kindness and showing us around it made us feel very welcome. We met a few couples that we hit it off with and they made us feel very comfortable. We really enjoyed the entire evening and looking forward to the next time. Love the pics and art on the walls. Thank you
J & C


My boyfriend and we're looking for something new to do. So we looked up clubs and Leisure time came up. So we decided to make the trip. Alittle nervous at first but Kevin was so welcoming. We got a tour from his wife Carrie who was just as welcoming. Your bartender Lisa was awesome as well. We had a blast and can't wait to come for ladies night in 2 weeks.

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The Ms. Leisure Time Contest is sponsored by Hedonism 2 in Jamaica
Hedonism II Resort and Diving Reservations


Directions to LT's 355 Zion Street
Hartford, CT

Leisure Time
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