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February 14th
LT's 42nd Anniversary party

This is one of those times showing up and supporting your club is so important Saturday February 14th will be a night to remember. As LT's members and your favorite staff gather to celebrate the longest running social club in existence.

This club has that home grown feeling what I mean it's humbling and in this era of rude people it's nice to have a private place where you can go and be yourself.

If you know anything about Leisure Time you know it's where it all started 42 years ago, and still is the only on-premise club in Connecticut. Lt's is known for providing an experience you won't find anywhere else. This doesn't happen by chance you build a re-pour with each member which turns into a reputation then a following.

It' one of my passions talking up LT's where-ever I go it's truly a unique club from the comradery among it's members to the vibe LT gives off and once you actually experience the culture at LT's you quickly realize everything else is second rate.

In closing, my wife and I want to Thank everyone that is a part of this Special Club, your contributions and support will never be taken for granted and our friendships will last a lifetime.

Please join us Saturday February 14th with your friends as we celebrate together 42 years of service to you our lifestyle friends.
Tonight to celebrate our 42nd year anniversary we will be raffling off LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP'S TO LT's


March 21 - Ms. Leisure Time Contest Part One

There are only but a few locations that have any significance in this lifestyle at the top of that list Leisure Time and Hedonism II.

So when Hedonism II agreed to sponsor Ms. Leisure Time Contest people started to talk and the excitement builds in anticipation of this amazing night. Tonight we are reaching out to the most outgoing and competitive women in the lifestyle who aren't afraid to openly express their freaky side and for a good cause, their very own sexual gratification at the opulent Hedonism II resort in Jamaica.

If you haven't experienced or competed in this contest yet, then come in and experience something new.

Up for grabs, the prestigious title of Ms. Leisure Time which gives you VIP access to your club and benefits only given to Ms. Leisure time. Early entry for you and your friends any Saturday night, private party discounts, free entry for all of next years Ms. Leisure Time contests, Birthday discounts with a complementary bottle of champagne plus a special gift picked out by your friends at Leisure Time. Oh and let's not forget a visit to the beautiful Hedonism II resort in Jamaica, the premier designation for all in the lifestyle.

This 3 part contest gives you 3 chances to build up your score and gets you closer to becoming the next Ms. Leisure Time. Entering and competing in this contest is so easy and a lot of fun. First step, sign in once you enter on March 21st.

Don't want to participate we are always looking for judges to join in on the fun.


Latest Leisure Time Review

The 41st anniversary last night was our first time ever experiencing LT or anything like it. At first we were nervous about the area, but once inside the club it was great. The place was clean, the people were nice. Everyone was respectful and the clientele was to our relief people like us. We felt very comfortable and even enjoyed some unexpected play. We'll be back! Thanks again!

B & J

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The Ms. Leisure Time Contest is sponsored by Hedonism 2 in Jamaica
Hedonism II Resort and Diving Reservations


Directions to LT's 355 Zion Street
Hartford, CT

Leisure Time
Connecticut's only true on-premise swingers club

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