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Leisure Time

On-Premise Club



Open Every Saturday Night ~ 9pm
Dancing, Music & Buffet



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Latest Leisure Time Review

The 41st anniversary last night was our first time ever experiencing LT or anything like it. At first we were nervous about the area, but once inside the club it was great. The place was clean, the people were nice. Everyone was respectful and the clientele was to our relief people like us. We felt very comfortable and even enjoyed some unexpected play. We'll be back! Thanks again!

B & J

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Directions to LT's 355 Zion Street
Hartford, CT

Leisure Time
Connecticut's only true on-premise swingers club

Email us: LTC@LeisureTime-Club.com

1.5 hours from Boston Massachusetts 02110
1.5 hours from White Plains, New York 10601
1.5 hours from Providence, Rhode Island 02901
30 minutes from Springfield, Massachusetts 01101