Leisure Time Club - Private Membership

COST & Membership

Leisure Time's longevity is maintained through your annual membership and door fee

An annual membership fee of $60 is required for every couple entering Leisure Time and may be obtained at the door upon entering

After you purchase your annual membership fee you only pay the nightly door fee each time you visit

Couples nightly door fee $90, paid at the door (cash only)

Above cost for the evening includes lockers, towels, use of all amenities, all bar fees are now included and access to LT’s exclusive membership

A couple is classified as a male and a female

A sponsor is not required to become a member of Leisure Time

Tours are only given after you have joined the club

Single females are free on Saturday nights (no membership fee or door fee)

Single males are NOT allowed

Some of Leisure Time parties have special event pricing so check our website for details

Please note if your annual membership fee lapses, you will be required to renew on your first visit back

Leisure Time Club membership is revocable without notice or prior warning if member does not follow the agreed upon club rules

Leisure Time Club reserves the right to refuse membership, service or admittance based on appearance and or attitude. This includes existing members.

Please note: If you do not feel well please stay home and visit the club next time.

Code of Conduct

Owner and staff reserve the right to remove any member or guest that is intoxicated and or causing a disturbance. Refunds are not given

If someone, male or female is acting in an inappropriate manner, please notify management before you leave, so we can address any concerns you may have

Members are responsible for their guests behavior, and are liable for any damages caused by members guest

This lifestyle is a way of life for those who visit Leisure Time. Do your part in keeping your clubs stellar reputation intact by always being courtesy, treating others with the utmost respect, playing safe, and remember absolute personal hygiene is a must

Please respect your fellow members privacy

Leisure Time has a no drama policy. If you are experiencing issues with your partner, exit the club quietly without causing a scene. If staff has to intervene, you maybe barred from returning

There is absolutely NO cell phone use in the club

Un-escorted gentlemen in the play areas is grounds for removal from the club

The word NO is only said once at Leisure Time. This automatically stops everything that is transpiring between either gender at any time. Further explanation is not required

When asking to play, make sure both partners are present. If you receive a "no" don’t take it personally be respectful at all times

Existing members and newbies alike should discuss their fantasies and set boundaries and stick to what you both agree on. A good rule of thumb is to explore Leisure Time at your own pace and play together. This will assure an enjoyable first time experience

Please clean up after yourselves, trash receptacles are in each room

LT enjoys an array of ethnicity, professions, religious beliefs, sizes, sexual orientations and desires. Please be open minded and respectful

LT requires that you enter the play room as a couple and leave as a couple

Always maintain a respectful distance if you are voyeurs

Private play is always an option at Leisure Time. A closed door in the play area means do not enter until occupants have left the room

Respect those who wish to be left alone

Couple to couple communication is so important, so be honest and forth coming and always respect and be sensitive to the other couples boundaries

Private Parties

Leisure Time enjoys a reputation for hosting one of a kind parties and can be the back drop for that special evening you just can’t have anywhere else. Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette , divorce party or sporting event or you want to have your own private orgy, Leisure Time will do all the planning so you can enjoy your friends

Current members can now use our concierge service. Here’s how it works: Leisure Time can personalize and design a party to your specifications complete with limo, decor, DJ, food, staff and reserved seating and all the amenities. Leisure Time can work within your budget however large or small. Leisure Time will take your private or semi private soiree to the next level. If you can imagine it Leisure Time will make it happen. Fill out your wish list on line and get your party started

If you have 5 or more membered couples attending your birthday party, there’s no charge for the guest of honor

Whats on your Party's Wish List ?
Write down what your ultimate party would be Themed Based. Remember it's Leisure Time so get as crazy as you want.

A few things before you start.
You must be a current member. Please include your names, email, phone, date of event.

Keep in mind:
# of Guests

I look forward to speaking with you

Kevin, Your Purveyor of Human Enjoyment

Gift Cards

LT now offers gift cards for all occasions
Gift cards are available at the front desk for any denomination and can be used for membership, door fees, introducing new members to Leisure Time and LT’s new swag apparel (coming soon)

Please note, lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced or combined with any other promotion
Must be an existing member to purchase gift cards

Dress Code

Leisure Time always provides an environment where women can feel sexy, safe and free to express themselves. That’s why the ladies always set the tone at LT’s

Suggested attire:
Sexy cocktail dresses
Fetish wear
Stilettos, pumps, thigh high boots, etc.
Dressing in theme attire is what contributes to making LT’s events more erotic
Check the website before visiting Leisure Time
Toys are always welcome

Follow the ladies lead, accent your date
Collared dress button down or polo shirt, dress pants
No ripped or faded jeans
Dress sweater
Sports coat
Gentleman must follow the dress code or you will be denied entry

Members, please remember you are responsible for making your guests aware of LT’s dress code

Please call or email us if you have any questions

Benefits & Perks

Being a member at Leisure Time has its advantages, that no one else in the industry offers

Leisure Time has the most single ladies on any given night

Couples may bring in a single female/s for free any time

LT’s membership connects you with the lifestyles most active couples, and many that are exclusive to our club

Existing members may bring in a guest new to the club - guest only pay door fee for their first visit. You are only considered a guest of a member one time. Upon return, guests will need to purchase an annual membership & pay nightly door fee

If an existing member brings in 3 guests new to LT over a 12 month period, Member will receive a free visit

Free admission to any existing member that brings in 2 couples new to Leisure Time on the same night that member up for the year

Newbies to LT will receive special invitations plus discounts on certain newbie parties

As an added benefit of being a member of Leisure Time, existing members may post their business on Leisure Time business finder page

LT also has numerous free raffles and contests throughout the year where you can win free membership and admission

LT never forgets the ladies during our ladies night we offer wandering masseuses, squirting lessons, and a gift bag second to none for the ladies

LT’s member perks program allows you to save $10 if you renew your membership before it expires

Check out our event’s page for nightly specials

Important Things to Know

By entering Leisure Time you represent and warrant that you are 21 years of age and have on you your personal valid state ID with a photo or government photo ID. For those visiting outside the US, a current passport is required

You agree on the use of any of the facilities at Leisure Time including but not limit to amenities, equipment, and BDSM play are at the sole risk of the member and their guest and or single ladies. Leisure Time Social club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injuries sustained from the use or misuse of the facilities or activities

You acknowledge all fees paid to Leisure Time Social Club are only for the operation and maintenance of Leisure Time. Admission to Leisure Time does not guarantee of implying any kind of activity

You agree not to engage in any illegal activities of any type while at Leisure Time

Photographs, recording or video taping of any member, guest or staff or any portion of Leisure Time Social Club inside or outside is prohibited

While Leisure Time does not allow smoking inside the club feel free to visit our smoking area outside

Leisure Time is not a dating service

Some of these rules may sound extreme to our new members but these very rules have contributed to LT's 50 years of success in the industry. The rules are in place for your safety and comfort and for the comfort of those around you. No matter what you are into

Please leave valuables at home and your phone in your car as there is no cell phone use inside Leisure Time

Leisure Time takes no responsibility for content left in lockers, unattended items, lost, stolen or damaged property inside or outside the club

Leisure Time is not liable for any actions of club members

Leisure Time reserves the right to inspect all containers and bags

You hereby agree to practice safe play and assume any and all risks relating to such activities while visiting Leisure Time. You also agree to hold harmless Leisure Time Social Club owner, staff other members and guests in such activities against all such claims asserted now or in the future

Leisure Time club terms and conditions may change at any time for the safety, security and comfort of our guests. It's up to each member and their guest to review Leisure Times rules before each visit

Once you enter LT you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions and you know the nature of the activities at Leisure Time and are in agreement with the code of conduct of Leisure Time Social Club

Changing Room

Do not disturb the erotic atmosphere while visiting the play rooms / changing rooms with idle conversations

Play areas and changing rooms are a clothes free zone / no exceptions

Rest rooms in the play areas are for those in the play areas only