Leisure Time Club - Private Membership
Membership is required to enter

Annual Membership is $50 per couple
Nightly Door Fee $60.00 per couple
Single Females: Always Free

Member Benefits

Become a member of the most exclusive & private on-premise alternative lifestyle club in New England. Included with your membership are all the amenities Leisure Time has to offer plus access to all the hottest lifestyle parties in New England.

Members may bring in 3 guests (NEW to Club). Guest pays only door fee - Member receives 1 free visit after 3rd guest.

Free admission to any Member that brings in 2 couples on the same night pay to join as members of the club.

Newbies to Club will receive special invitations plus discounts on Newbie Parties

Special Nights

$45 Nights - Members only pay only $45 These special nights will appear on our website randomly throughout the year.

1/2 price Nights - Members may bring in a guest New to the Club for 1/2 price

Early nights - LT will open early on certain party nights for our customers who want to get a jump on things or should I say each other.

Members have the option to Host their own party at LT's - receive huge discounts - Saturday or Weeknights. We will do all the planning for you, announcements, DJ, Food, etc.

Membership rules

1. You must be over 21 to enter

2. Leisure Time is a B.Y.O.B. club we do not sell Liquor but we have all the mixers and setups you need.

3. Leisure Time has a strict dress code - Dress to Impress

4. No cell phones allowed

5. We have a 0 tolerance for drug use, rude or drunken behavior

6. Couples Only - A couple may bring in a Single Female

7. Single Females are always welcomed

8. No Single Males allowed

9. No smoking ( An area outside has been set aside for smoking )

LT would like to remind all our members that no one is attracted to or impressed by someone who is intoxicated. Excessive drinking or drug use is frowned upon at Leisure Time and will ultimately lead to having your membership revoked plus forfeiture of your membership fees.

Leisure Time takes pride in maintaining a safe and clean environment for all it's members.

Be respectful and party responsibly.

Dress Code

Dress in your Sexiest Best!
Short tight dresses, lingerie, etc.

Dress to Impress
Please No T-shirts, jeans, hats, or sneakers

Membership Demographics ( 23-54 / physically fit )
Please call if you have any questions