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Events Calendar

June 16 - Little Black Dress Party -

This party will bring out Leisure Time's Classiest and Most Sophisticated Couples you just won't find anywhere else. Couples that will turn this evening into an Erotic Orgy of Passion and Fantasy...you'll be talking about for weeks - Don't miss this one!!

June 23 - Ms. Leisure Time Part 2 -

There's a diverse group of Ladies that enter the Ms. Leisure Time Contest. Whether your approach to this contests is a conservative one or scandalous in nature, the options are endless. Remember its decided on merit. That's what entices so many ladies to compete, anyone can enter and win!

Add to that, single ladies and couples into the mix that enjoy watching while being stimulated by these beautiful contestants as they show a side of their personality that can only be seen at LT's. It's only then you realize there's only one LT and you have front row seats to the best show in town.

The ever sought after judgeship chosen tonight for the Ms. Leisure Time contest is regarded as the highest honor bestowed on a member. So be where you maybe chosen.

What can I say about Hedonism II that I haven't said already? It's everyone's dream vacation and rightly so, it's recreational sex at its best. So when you factor in its' local, clientele, amenities, and hot naked couples and single ladies everywhere you turn, it's no wonder they're the most visited resort of its kind.

FYI,...They also have a prude side where they turn it down a few notches if you're on the conservative side. Be fair warned once you visit Hedonism II you will find yourself going back again and again.

LT hooks up the winner with a free year's entry, early entry for you and your close friends on any given night, a Birthday party with complimentary bottle of Champagne And a special gift picked out by your friends at LT's. You become part of LT's inner circle and have personal access to the club and anything you wish to do or implement at LT's.

Our good friends from Hedonism II steps up with a stay for two at their resort in Jamaica. It just doesn't get any better.

Hedonism II wants to pass on its Congratulations to LT on it's 45th Anniversary and wish Leisure Time continued success to everyone associated with this club.

There's still plenty of time to enter the Ms. Leisure Time Contest sign up once you arrive on Saturday, June 23 . You could be the Next Ms. Leisure Time!

June 30 - 4th of July Summer Party Series Begins -

If your searching for the hottest place in New England to Cool Off this Summer then head over to LT's as we kick off our Summer party series... First up our Independence Day party it's when LT's starts to experiences an influx of sexy couples and very attractive single ladies vacationing in Central Connecticut and on the shoreline. They find their way to LT's for their summer time fun.

There's no better time to join the amenities are endless the couples genuine. Anyone joining in July & August will receive $10 off your membership when you arrive before 10 pm. Start experiencing a club that has introduced so many single ladies and couples to a new way of life.

June 29 - Leisure Times Lesbian & Bi-Women Social

Looking for that Grown & Sexy Lesbian & Bi Women Social that you know exists in New England but can't seem to find....

Consider visiting the only club offering a special night for Ladies Only. Its a new concept but if you think about it for a moment it's exactly what New England has been crying out for.

Friday June 29 is your opportunity to check out Leisure Time for yourself bring some friends and be ready to make some new ones.

What you'll find at LT's tonight Sophisticated Lesbian & Bi Ladies on the move

Safe & Secure - Women Only
28 and over ID's required
Open at 9 pm - BYOB
Free Glass of Pink Champagne
Pina Colada's & Strawberry Daiquiris mixers available at no charge
Light Menu no charge

No membership Required
All Inclusive

Before 10 pm $25
After 10 pm $30 per head

Questions: You can always email us at ltc@leisuretime-club.com
355 Zion Street Hartford,CT

Please call for additional information 860-951-6243


-> Foot Fetish Feast

-> DJ for the Night

-> Newbie Night

Leisure Time Club

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Open Every Saturday Night at 9pm
355 Zion Street, Hartford, CT 06106