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September 23 - Tonight LT is throwing a lingerie party

... nothing makes you feel as sexy as lingerie. On any given night LT's female clientele wear the sexiest outfits in the lifestyle. Tonight there's only one requirement for the ladies... lingerie. You know LT gives you the freedom to be yourself at your club so tonight go for it. Remember be provocative yet always leave something to the imagination.

September 30 - Don't Ask Don't Tell Party

It goes both ways this night she has some pretty outrageous fantasies, and that's a huge turn on for you. You have thought about it also, it's more common than you think in the lifestyle. Tonight LT's gives you the option to cross over in complete privacy and get your Kink on with others that think the same.

Our lower level will be exclusively for bi and bi-couples and bi-single women only.

October 28 - Halloween Fright Night

Interested in some Frightening Fun then head to Leisure Time for a night of Halloween Erotica.

Your club will be transformed into a haunted playground for the sexual depraved but be fair warned, spirits that have passed before us will revisit LT's Tonight to party once again. Join them won't's their only night out.

Legend has it Leisure time produces the most outrageous and attended Halloween Party 44 years running. It' s something we take a lot of pride in and look forward to all year.

AT LT's we take great pleasure in pushing the envelope to new heights of euphoria for our members that they won't come down from for weeks. We stop at nothing to keep our members and their club evolving which bring in New Couples and Single Women Every Week.

Fact is LT's Halloween party is synonymous with finding the perfect couple or single women and hooking up.

To our newest members you both now realize your sexually curiosity is off the charts. Just as important you realize you don't have to live by the same rules as everyone else,at least not when your at LT's.

LT's is your private on-premise club come take advantage of it and all it has to offer this Halloween.

Handmade or store bought costumes ...its up to you. Costumes not require but strongly suggested. Prizes for sexiest couple, most creative and most perverted.

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