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July 22 - 8" or more

....this is a night for discriminating ladies...where average just won't do...where 8 inches or more will do just fine. Also this year we will be focusing on girth as well, really what's length without girth. We will be on the lookout for women who know how to handle a ruler. ...cum on down.

July 29 - Micro Mini Night

...The Hartford Advocate called Leisure Time a sexual adventure for the sexually bold ~ tonight Leisure Time's Micro Mini night will be no different - Exposed Ass cheeks and Long Legs is the order of this night.

August 5 - Newbie Night

A Personal Note to Prospective Newbies from the owner of LT's.

Who wouldn't be a little apprehensive about visiting an Alternative Lifestyle Club. From personal experience I can say I know exactly how you feel. But, this is one of those times you have to go with your gut.

I can come up with the most amazing ad copy to promote this club to entice you to visit LT's. But, in the end, it may mean nothing to you. There's alot of trust on both sides of this equation once you get to know me and my staff and how I feel about our members you'll see I thrive on your personal enjoyment and experiences.

We cater to a very large population of this lifestyle and have been doing so for the past 44 years, and that's a good thing. We are very exclusive that's just as important when making a decision like this.

I truly believe curiosity and your fantasies bring you to LT's.... Personal Discovery, Brings you Back.

FYI.... The best sex is when you go home.!

August 12 - LT's Gone Wild Party

This party is for New England's hardcore swingers one thing is on their mind, getting it on with LT's hottest couples where nothing is shocking and anything goes...caution some of our play rooms will be blacked out. - Join us if you dare !

August 19 - Naughty School Girl Night

It's back to school for all you naughty girls - time to pull out the plaid skirt and halter top. We'll be handing out detentions for anyone who misses this special assembly...oh and tonight you have permission to be extra naughty ~

August 25 - Ladies Only Night - WOMEN ONLY

Announcing the grand opening of Leisure Time's Ladies Only Nights. After 44 years of carting to couples & single ladies. Friday August 25th we open our doors to our friends in the lesbian community.

With the limited choices out there for women finding that special place isn't easy and let's face it, sometime your favorite club doesn't deliver in ways you think it should. That's where Leisure Time comes in. We can provide something the other's can't an on-premise experience for those spontaneous moments that just present themselves when you least expect it.

Perhaps, your on the conservative side we have you covered. Relax in LT's Exotic atmosphere, dance to your favorite hits and be yourself while making some new friends.

Whether your lesbian, bi or just curious, it doesn't matter. Come by yourself or bring your female entourage and experience an on-premise club for "Women Only"

Be a part of this opening night Friday August 25th

Safe & Secure
Women Only
21 and over ID's required
Open at 9 pm
Free Glass of Pink Champagne
Pina Colada's & Strawberry Daiquiris mixers available
Buffet with Vegan Choices

Tonight all Inclusive $30 per head

August 26 - Irma La Douce

Leisure Time proudly presents the most anticipated and interactive party of the year....Irma La Douce

What to bring - your smile, sex appeal, imagination and your most revealing outfit or Lack of it will do

Be prepared to have the time of your life. You'll laugh - get turned on and have a new appreciation for you lady after this night.

Here's how it works:

The sexiest ladies and the hottest and most out going couples show up for this one. Each couple receivers $700 in Funny money. The ladies will approach you and try to get you to part ways with your money. I will let you use your imagination as to exactly how that might happen...remember you're at Leisure Time.

The Top Three Money Collectors will Win BIG!!!

1. Two Consecutive Month's Free Admission to LT's
2. Gift Certificate From our Friends at Luv Boutique
3. Complimentary Membership for 2018

What to wear to an Irma La Douce Party we have a little saying at LT's that sums it up..."Less is Better" See you August 26th

Leisure Time Club

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