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October 19 - Friday night Ladies Night at LT's -

Everyone is talking about Friday night Ladies Night at LT's

Next LADIES SOCIAL October 19

Mark your Calendars the next Girl Girl Party will take place Friday October 19th what to expect, great conversations, dancing and ....

Lt's s Unique Atmosphere and Amenities

Safe & Secure
*Females Only

Open at 9 pm
Free Glass of Pink Champagne
Buffet at no charge

No membership Required
Tonight all Inclusive
Before 10 pm $25 per head
after 10 $30 per Head

Be a part of this new scene Friday, September 14 , 2018
355 Zion Street Hartford, CT right next to Trinity College


You can always call or email us

October 20 - Friends with Benefits -

This night members entering LT's can save $20 off their 2018 membership AND member guest only pay $50 - door fee - NO membership required.

Tonight introduce someone NEW to your favorite on-premise club and what better place than the comfortable surroundings of Leisure Time.

After last year's turn out we ask please only 2 couples per "membered couple" being a part of Leisure Time allows you to experience everything you could possibly want in the most exclusive club in New England.

October 27 - LT's 45th Halloween Thriller -

You haven't experienced Halloween until you walk through the Haunted gate of LT's, for a night of sinful escapades and nasty fantasies that await. It's best described as a diverse gathering of LT's members mostly in Costume enjoying their friends and amenities that make LT's so great.

They don't call LT's Halloween party the most outrageous for nothing! LT transforms your club into a haunted playground for adults that has to be seen and experienced. Where you'll always find couples and single ladies you can't get enough of.

So grab your friends and head to LT's 45th Halloween Thriller Party, hit the dance floor, soak in the sights and sounds Leisure Time is famous for on one of the biggest parties your club offers.

LT promises to deliver the Ultimate Adult Halloween Indulgence orchestrating this evening activity is Yours truly, Your purveyor of Human Enjoyment

Costumes strongly suggested - Prizes will be given out so dress in your scariest/sexist and creative best.

Tonight $75.00 per couple
Single Women Always Free

November 17 - Ms. Leisure Time Contest Finale Round -

Do have what it takes to bring home the covenant Ms. Leisure Time crown and a trip to Hedonism II?

It comes down to that one girl willing to put it out there. The best part of this Contest, there's no preparation, it's spontaneous and without inhibition.

The contestants come from all walks of life and are eager to please. They know how Important it is to get the crowd behind them and to impress the judges. They alone decide the limits they are willing to go to be Ms. Leisure Time.

Contest or not There's not enough Saturday's in a year. The Ms. Leisure Time contest Saturday, November 17 th is one Saturday you can't miss. It's your club at full throttle, it's Those girls that compete that turn us on and have to meet.

So if you have a yearning for some good o'l girl vs girl competition then LT's is the place to be. The best part there's still time to enter sign up once you come in Saturday, November 17 th.

November 17 th someone will be crowned Ms. Leisure Time and enjoy privileges to their club no one else has including but not limited to entire year (12 most) free admission, early entry for you and your friends on any night, Birthday party with complementary bottle of champagne, special gift picked out by your friends at Lt's and enjoy a trip to the ultimate Resort in Jamaica Hedonism II.

A word about Hedonism II ....Have you been looking for that mind blowing experience that so many of us crave that encompasses all your requirements i.e.: location, amenities, weather and the most out-going sought after couples and single women in the lifestyle, then this is the place you have been looking for. Visit their site at and check it out.

November 30 - FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY -

Get stuffed Fluff Style Friday November 30

Some of you may not know the Fluffernutter, they're a nation wide group and enjoy one of the biggest collective followings in the lifestyle. Their 2 favorite places to play ...Leisure Time & Hedonism II and they are only one of a few groups that LT allows in it's doors.

Stop in Friday November 30, meet some of the most down to earth couples and single ladies you'll ever meet. Learn about this group and see why they are the most active visitors to Hedonism II in Jamaica and see how you can accompany the Fluffernutters on their next trip to Hedonism II and save big.

Tonight door fee $60 per couple

As a special incentive for our Fluff friends and the curious , tonight, we wave our membership fee.

There's never a charge for Single ladies at LT's.


-> DJ for the Night

Leisure Time Club

Your On-Premise Lifestyle Swingers Club

Open Every Saturday Night at 9pm
355 Zion Street, Hartford, CT 06106