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July 8 - Towel's Only Night -

Another unique party from your friends at LT's. This is no ordinary club or clientele and even more important you know on premise is how to experience this lifestyle. LT offers you the freedom and comfort level unmatched anywhere. Upon entering everyone will receive one of our new plush LT Blue towel to change into. Then prepare for an exciting new experience at your favorite club.

Special Announcement...Are you ready to take an intimate and passionate journey that takes you into the deepest realms of your sexual desires?

Tonight, as a special bonus for our members "Habits of Lust" will be in the house. Known for their co-ed adult sex toy parties and their relentless pursuit of female and couples pleasures, "Habits of Lust" will be displaying and demonstrating some of their products, and giving expert advise on what can be used to enhance certain sexual aspect for couples and single ladies. Plus, raffles and sex games with prizes from their collection.

Don't miss this one !

July 15 - LT's Beach Party
& Swim Suit contest

- wear your most provocative swim suit and get in on the fun. Male and Female participation welcome...Free admission will be raffled off for the best Male & Female swimsuit....remember ...less is better

July 22 - 8" or more

....this is a night for discriminating ladies...where average just won't do...where 8 inches or more will do just fine. Also this year we will be focusing on girth as well, really what's length without girth. We will be on the lookout for women who know how to handle a ruler. ...cum on down.

July 29 - Micro Mini Night

...The Hartford Advocate called Leisure Time a sexual adventure for the sexually bold ~ tonight Leisure Time's Micro Mini night will be no different - Exposed Ass cheeks and Long Legs is the order of this night.

Coming this August - Ladies only Night

At LT's we see the ever changing landscape of this Lifestyle.

That's why, this August, LT will host the first of it's kind "Ladies only Night".

Tonight, we open the doors to our friends in the Lesbian Community, also invited Bi-ladies and the curious.

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