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October 14 - Bald Beaver Night

For those of us that like our women smoothly shaven. Our hot LT ladies will be out tonight to satisfy your every hairless fantasy - That's so naughty it's nice - enjoy the view


Mark your Calendars the next Girl Girl Party will take place Friday October 20th what to expect queer girls, great dancing and LT's Unique Atmosphere and Amenities $30 per person All inclusive. (This Friday night is for Girls ONLY!!!!)

October 21 - Friends with Benefits

This night members entering LT's can save $20 off their 2018 membership AND member guest only pay $50 - door fee - NO membership required.

Tonight introduce someone NEW to your favorite on-premise club and what better place than the comfortable surroundings of Leisure Time.

After last year's turn out we ask please only 2 couples per "membered couple" being a part of Leisure Time allows you to experience everything you could possibly want in the most exclusive club in New England.

** Your VIP Contact is the owner - Questions Call 860-951-6243 Our lower level will be exclusively for bi and bi-couples and bi-single women only.

October 28 - Halloween Fright Night

Interested in some Frightening Fun then head to Leisure Time for a night of Halloween Erotica.

Your club will be transformed into a haunted playground for the sexual depraved but be fair warned, spirits that have passed before us will revisit LT's Tonight to party once again. Join them won't's their only night out.

Legend has it Leisure time produces the most outrageous and attended Halloween Party 44 years running. It' s something we take a lot of pride in and look forward to all year.

AT LT's we take great pleasure in pushing the envelope to new heights of euphoria for our members that they won't come down from for weeks. We stop at nothing to keep our members and their club evolving which bring in New Couples and Single Women Every Week.

Fact is LT's Halloween party is synonymous with finding the perfect couple or single women and hooking up.

To our newest members you both now realize your sexually curiosity is off the charts. Just as important you realize you don't have to live by the same rules as everyone else,at least not when your at LT's.

LT's is your private on-premise club come take advantage of it and all it has to offer this Halloween.

Handmade or store bought costumes ...its up to you. Costumes not require but strongly suggested. Prizes for sexiest couple, most creative and most perverted.

November 11 - Ms. Leisure Time Grand Finale

Looking for that unusual venue where no two nights are alike. The Ms. Leisure Time Contest exemplifies the LT experience as we produce a contest in conjunction with the biggest Lifestyle Resort in the industry attracting Lifestylers from all over the US to visit LT's.

For the past 44 years, LT takes great pride in setting the standard while producing parties & contests that have never been done before, rest assure the Ms. Leisure Time Contest is a big favorite.

With this being the Final night of this contest the contestants should only bring their A game, any inhibits will cost you the title. It's all about impressing our random judges, the Ms. Leisure Time Contest is a combination of strategy, wit and sexual appeal.

The contest is also stimulating for the spectators. If you haven't attended or entered a Ms. Leisure Time contest yet, cum November 11th and experience a contest most have only fantasized about. This only happens at Leisure Time Connecticut's only on-premise club.

Anyone can enter, its easy and fun. You may sign up and find out how this contest works once you arrive on November 11th.

HEDONISM II is the premier designation for those of us in the lifestyle known for its exotic location , pristine beaches and perfect weather, to their pool side orgys it's something that has to be experienced. Who else goes to HEDONISM II their reach is global, every nationality is there to sample. Visit their website at it's the vacation you both have been dreaming about.

Winner of the Grand Finale contest and her significant other will stay at the opulent HEDONISM II resort in Jamaica plus VIP access to LT's which includes early entry for you and your closest friends any night, private party discounts, and as a SPECIAL BONUS FREE ENTRY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR plus Birthday discounts with complimentary bottle of champagne and a special gift picked out by you friends at LT's.

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