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December 29th - We are CLOSED tonight! -

Monday, December 31 - New Year's Eve -

From the creators of the Funny Money Party, Ms. LT Contest, Ladies Social, 8 inches or more to name a few. Now bring you Leisure Times' Great Gatsby New Year's Eve Gala.

This New Year's Eve New England's most exotic pleasure-seekers are invited to this an elegant evening where they can shake out their tassels, and unfurl their feathers. Tonight LT brings you back to a by-gone era of speakeasy and loosening morals, were glitz and glamour meet unbridled mischief you've come to expect from LT's members. LT's Great Gatsby Gala provides the perfect opportunity for those who wish to dress up fashionably for the most important occasion of the year.

The best parties are right here at LT's you're the private on-premise club, you know this from being a member. This will be the 45th consecutive New Year's Eve party at LT's. Attending tonight couples you've played with all year long and so many more you haven't met yet.

>From the rush, you feel once you enter LT's to the quickening of your pulse, are all signs that you are in the right place. Some of the best moments in Life are the ones you can't talk about.

To the newest members, We are all curious about our sexuality whether its just watching or full swapping, everyone can experience their own fantasy at the own pace that is what is so intriguing about LT's So check us out this New Year's Eve.

To our vanilla friends that follow our site, when was the last time you really had a good time? Something you may not know, you don't have to participate and nothing is required of you when you visit Lt's. So break out of that same old routine this New Year's Eve. The price is right, the membership is full of professionals millennials and hipsters like you. Talk, Dance, eat and Ring in the New year at a club known for its reputation, hospitality and good times.

The Buffet, who doesn't like great food. New Year's Eve is a night that's all about excess and that includes the food. We cater to the most discerning palates and offer a delicious array of choices. You may dine anytime throughout the night, knowing that the experience is certain to be extraordinary.

I know I speak for everyone in Thanking the staff of LT's their dedication to ensure our goal in providing a one of a kind experience that keeps our members coming back, again and again, is amazing.

Tonight's festivities will commence at 8 pm

Our playrooms are open from 8 pm - 2 am

H'ordeuvres & complimentary champagne passed by our own very own LT girls for the first hour

11:30 Complimentary champagne starts to flow once again, hors-d'oeuvres outcome the party favors as we tune into Time Square to watch the ball drop

Early arrival is highly recommended.

*Existing Members Door Fee $125

*New Couples, save big, join tonight for $160 that includes door fee & 2019 membership

*Single Females are always free

Year-End wrap up, This has been an incredible year for Kerri & I and especially our members and it's only going to get better. I truly believe every member has a stake in LT's success and with your help, your Club will continue to move forward in a direction we all can be proud of. On behalf of everyone here at LT's let me start by thanking each and every member for your support. The only way I can repay you is to keep Leisure Time at the forefront of this great industry with innovations, improvements and most important listening to your input.

It's an exciting time at Leisure Time, there's a whole new generation of couples & single women coming through our doors. They're eager to explore LT's and meet our members which keeps this club evolving every time we open.

Please join us December 31 as we Ring in the New Year with our Friends at Lt's.

Sincerely Kevin Your Purveyor of Human Enjoyment

Suggested Dress Code for this evening: Women - Glitz Glamour and Flapper Dresses Men- Suits, Tux, and Sports Jackets

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

January 5 - LT's After Party -

... for those who couldn't make our NYE Party but are already to start their New Year off right with a visit to their favorite on premise club. Tonight come in out of the cold and warm up next to someone new. Who thought recreational sex could be this fun. P.S. The Free Champagne will still be a flowing.

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

Friday January 11th - Ladies Night & Sexual Massage Party -

Ladies, Looking for that not so obvious place that empowers you to be who you are, Not judged or stared at. Where privacy and comfort is your right.Leisure Time is the only club that offers an all girl clientele.

It's a great opportunity for you to bring in your Girlfriends and have them check out Leisure Time plus be ready to make some new ones tonight.

Safe & Secure - Women Only
Open at 9 pm - BYOB
Free Glass of Pink Champagne
Light Menu no charge

No membership Required
All Inclusive
Before 10 pm $25
After 10 pm $30 per head

So mark your calendar's Friday December 11th We will allow our creative hands to have some fun at our sexual massage party.

As I am sure you know .....A room full of women, obviously ends in only one way. You get the picture!!

Check us out!! ~ Ladies Only !

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

January 12th - Boy Toy Night -

This party is talked about all year. For this special evening...Our existing members can SPONSOR a single male...Door fee for sponsored male $ ladies bring in your "boy toy" for this Saturday Night Hump Fest !! Boy Toy Night happens just once a year at LT's so don't miss it.

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

January 19th - Risky Business Party -

- now's your chance to borrow your man's dress shirt, throw on some heels and maybe a thong or boy shorts...this is all you'll need for this night!!

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

Friday - January 25th - Big & Curvy Appreciation Night -

- For those who like our women Big & Curvy Tonight Lt's makes all your full figure fantasies come true in a non-judgement environment.

LT once again offers what you can't find anywhere else. Bigger really is Better.

Couples $60
Single Women $25
No membership Required

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243

Janusary 26th - LT's Women of Color -

LT's Women of Color are having a special party all their own Saturday January 26 and everyone is invited. They represent a huge part of LT's diverse clientele and we can't get enough of them so if chocolate is your thing..and I'm not talking about the candy then you have to experience this night. Exotic playful and horny only begin to describe what these gorgeous women are all about. By the end of the night, you'll have a new appreciation for the color pink.... You're gonna love this one !

During inclement weather please call ahead 860-951-6243


-> DJ for the Night

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