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February 10 - Lt's 45th Anniversary Party / Valentine's Day Party

2018 Leisure Time celebrates 45 years of service to it's members.

A couple of things have to occur for something like this to happen, develop a reputation as the club you feel comfortable bringing your partner to. Create a experience you won't find anywhere else, where no two nights are alike, hosts known for their gracious hospitality and the founder of LT and his successor thinking alike on the direction this club is headed. It's what keeps this club on everyone's mind.

For the past 45 years couples and single ladies have come to Leisure time to expand their views on sexuality.

To have the opportunity to create an evening that is so unique so stimulating and in my opinion, can only happen at LT's is an incredible feeling! It's what I love most about what I do.

I dub myself the purveyor of human enjoyment not out of arrogance just the opposite. It's how I see myself, knowing our members and helping them navigate through this amazing lifestyle. At Lt's every decision is made with our members enjoyment in mind.

You see LT had never been one to settle for the status quo and we're always looking for those couple and single girl who share a similar mindset and are willing to act upon it.

At the end of each night I know we held nothing back and that how I want our members to enjoy their club.

My wife and I along with our wonderful staff want to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued support. Today, your club is consistently ranked among the highest in the industry and we owe that ranking to you, our members.

We look forward to seeing all of you to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. We kick off our celebration February 10th where it all began 45 years ago.

Sincerely, your friends at LT's

Stay connected to our website for more special events and openings scheduled in 2018 !

LT wants to remind our members during inclement weather to please call ahead 860-951-6243

February 17 - Newbie Night

Tonight see the world from a different perspective. Come in and let us walk you through our club.

What is Leisure Time exactly? A laid back on-premise club that allows you to open up to others, explore both of your fantasies at your own pace while staying in your comfort zone.

We're not going to have you send a photo, ask you a bunch of personal questions or want a copy of your driver's license. That's no one business.

Leisure Time has been carting to this lifestyle for nearly 45 years with a reputation known throughout the industry of bringing couples and single women together in a safe and exciting atmosphere.

Even if your not in the lifestyle, single women and couples are always welcome at LT's. Come in tonight and check us out.

Couples join tonight for only $90 that includes tonights door fee and membership till the end of 2018. Single ladies always enjoy free entry at LT's.

LT wants to remind our members during inclement weather to please call ahead 860-951-6243

Feb 24th - LT's PJ Party

We all remember the Pajama/Sleepover parties back in the day. The sleepovers I attended at High School were co-ed but that's another story.

LT turns this fun G-rated party into an X-rated adult orgy of beautiful couples, single ladies and amazing sexual adventures with all the amenities Leisure Time is famous for. Ladies live the one z's and flannels at home for this one.

LT wants to remind our members during inclement weather to please call ahead 860-951-6243

Friday March 2 - To Whom It May Concern

This is a public proclamation regarding a couple that has become such an intricate part of Leisure Time. They are one of the classiest and most out going couples I've ever met. I'm speaking of course about Joe & Ellen. They have done more for Lt's than I can list.

Joe & Ellen have recently informed me they are relocating to a warmer climate, unfortunately Leisure Time loses one of our most regarded couples. The upside, some lucky club in North Carolina gains a life long advocate for their club and a true friend

Joe's like the godfather when he's at the club, and is always the perfect gentleman Ellen is one of my favorites she's stunning and quite the social butterfly. Ellen has the grace & poise of a first lady and is always ready to lend a helping hand. We're lucky enough to have a few of her photos adoring the walls of LT's.

I only agreed to this move as long as they allowed me to give them a proper send off. So this all goes down Friday, March 2 and everyone's is invited

Door Fee $60
No membership required
As a special incentive tonight, mention Joe & Ellen and become a member of Leisure Time for only $30

March 24 - Ms. Leisure Time Contest Part I

Hedonism II signs on for another year as sponsor of the Ms. Leisure Time Contest. See what's possible when two Iconic brands in the industry, with 87 years of combined expertise create something truly unique.

The Ms. Leisure Time Contest is sneaking up on us all. I mention this so you may get yourself in the right frame of mind. It's not so much about the competition you can win this hands down. It's more about how you'll react once you arrive at Hedonism II. This resort is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The beaches are pristine, the amenities and surroundings to die for.

It starts off with a staff that's happy your there and accommodations that position you front and center. The pool is calling your name. You immediately notice most people are naked and at first, you're a little apprehensive but you fall right in with the whole naked thing and its a huge turn on. The other guests, let's just say they're ready to party. Your long awaited orgy of fun is about to begin.

Visit their website: and see for yourself how this resort has become so popular. Then show up March 24, sign up and see how easy and fun this contest is.

To the past competitors, think about this, you came so close last go around you have insite the other contestant may not possess. Use this to your advantage.

Win this contest and you become the Queen of LT's with perks and access no one else has which includes but not limited to receiving unheard access to LT's , an entire year of unlimited free admission, early entry for you and your friends on any giving night, a birthday party with a complimentary bottle of champagne, private party discounts, a special gift picked out by your friends at LT's. and my personal favorite, the winner has my ear for whatever it is you want to do at LT's.

Next, our friends from Hedonism II step up to the plate with a visit for you and you're significant other to their beautiful resort in Jamaica, the premier designation for all in the lifestyle.

Not the competitive type we have you covered we are always looking for judges for this contest and I've been told this contest is a blast to watch.

This 3 part contest gives you 3 chances to build up your score and gets you closer to becoming the next Ms. Leisure Time. Anyone entering all 3 parts of this contest will receive a free visit to Lt's.

LT wants to remind our members during inclement weather to please call ahead 860-951-6243

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